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Collision Repair

Facilitating All Aspects of Auto Body Collision Repair
including reporting the loss to the insurance company, and we assist with every part of the claim. We understand how valuable your time is, and we provide assistance to deal with the insurance claim process so our customer’s won’t have to. This is standard procedure for JNM Auto Body Shop’s staff and only the first of many excellent services that you may expect.

Dent Removal

JNM Painting Auto Body Shop’s team of certified technicians lead the industry with the ability to repair everything from major vehicle damage to finer cosmetic issues. With more than 15 years of experience, there’s no better place for auto dent repair than JNM Painting Auto Body Shop.

Hail Damage Repair

Hail storms have a reputation for wreaking havoc on vehicles. Luckily for our customers, the JNM Painting team has earned a reputation for erasing dents caused by these damaging storms. Bring your hail-battered vehicle into JNM painting Auto Body Auto and all evidence of a storm will be erased.

“We work on all makes and models. Complete auto care is our specialty. From maintenance to repair we do it all.”

- Santiago Gonzalez



Your vehicle’s paint is often the first thing people notice—especially if the finish is chipped, scratched, or damaged. JNM Painting Auto Body Shop is home to the latest computerized paint-matching technology, the industry’s top talent, and the very best products to restore your paint job’s original look and feel.

Color Sanding

The JNM autobody shop uses a very fine, high-grit sandpaper that smooths out the waviness in the paint and removes small imperfections in the clear coat, such as dust. The process is a vital step in the beautification of any custom vehicle and can be done simply, easily and inexpensively to achieve outstanding final results.

Wet Look Paint Restoration

Car paint restoration with today’s modern day car paint finishes is much different than the days of old. Unlike old school single stage paint jobs which could include anything from enamels, acrylics, or the ultimate in wet-look shine of a 20 layer, color-sanded lacquer paint job, modern day 2-stage paints are far easier than ever to care for and maintain.

Acceptance Insurance

Car insurance coverage you can count on, affordable rates, and responsive customer service.

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Collision Repair

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Hail Repair


Color Sanding

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Acceptance Insurance